J Weir Masterworks, Inc. is a general contracting firm and design studio representing a new level of attention to detail, client satisfaction and project execution. JWMW is the culmination of four generations involved in design and construction. Our history and experience has paved the way for more than just creating structures to work and live in; it has allowed us to build lasting connections. Construction is our life, and our life is not about transaction, it’s about relationships.

Business History

In the wake of the 2007 financial crisis, President Joshua Weir rose up to return to the trades, performing finish work, stainless steel metal fabrication, and developing design-build projects. In 2010, he left a full-time job as a project manager for a modern architect in Ventura to pioneer J Weir Masterworks. Within four years, he hung up the nail bags, parked the work van, incorporated, opened an office and started building ground-up estates in Montecito as a technical general contractor, managing over 35 sub-contractors as well as an in-house management team. Today, we are privileged to partner with the top architects and designers in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.


Healthy client relationships built on honesty, integrity and transparency.

Contextual design with sustainable material applications maximizing project lifespan.

Accurate, efficient coordination of sub-contractors and materials, minimizing waste.

On-time and on budget project management.

Precision tooling and superior craftsmanship.

Clean, safe and organized project sites displaying professionalism.