Client Testimonials

“Hiring the right person to make your dream house come true can be very stressful. There is so much trust that is necessary in a relationship between the homeowner and the contractor who will essentially be part of your daily/weekly life for a year or two. I will be forever grateful that Joshua Weir and I started our collaboration. He is, without a doubt, a design+build genius. He not only listens to his clients’ ideas, but also understands how to guide them through each phase of the project with enthusiasm and thorough attention to detail. I appreciate that Joshua is always ten steps ahead of me when I come to him to discuss changing direction or adding a new element to the project. He is always ready with a solution or a reason why it isn’t a good modification. Working with Joshua has deepened my respect and reverence for art in architecture both inside and outside the home. The vision and creativity that went into the design of my outside walls and fences is astounding. I find such peace and tranquility sitting outside my home as I marvel at these intricate enclosures which feel like living, breathing museum-quality sculptures instead of unimaginative wood or concrete barriers. I never would have believed that the outside of my home would be as beautiful and inviting as the inside. The nicest compliment I hear over and over from friends and family is ‘Wow,’ followed by silence as each person just walks around in amazement, discovering the hidden gems that Joshua builds into his projects.

I am fortunate that I was able to hire Joshua and J Weir Masterworks to work on two homes. Our first partnership was an extensive outdoor remodel, and the second was a complete tear down and rebuild. I wish I had several more projects to hand to Joshua because he is one of the finest in the business, and he makes the design+build process enjoyable and exciting. The J Weir Masterworks’ team includes Project Manager Chasen Holden, who is delightful to work with and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is running smoothly. He is the master of resourcefulness and keeps everyone on track, responding to everything with a big smile and sunny attitude. Joshua is brilliant, so it’s not surprising that he only hires the best to work on his construction sites: all of the subcontractors from carpenters, plumbers and electricians to tilers and metal fabricators work so well as a cohesive team. They all brought a great level of professionalism to both of my projects that made me feel comfortable. Joshua was always quick to point out the quality of his team’s work and sing their praises. His eagerness to compliment his team on a job well done speaks volumes about his kindness and strength of character.

In addition, I was also pleased with all of the unique, high-quality materials that were used in the construction done on both of my homes: IPE wood, Parklex panels, stainless steel, metal, corten rust panels and colorful 3Form. And the careful selection of doors, windows, colors, lighting, sound system, and more wasn’t overwhelming because Joshua and Chasen were so organized! Every step of the way, I was presented with options in a way that helped me make the best choices possible. I never dreaded these site meetings—just the opposite! I was bursting with creative energy during these brainstorming sessions, and they always invigorated my enthusiasm for the process as a whole. Joshua convinced me to transform my interior walls from plain to elegant using the Venetian plaster technique, and I am delighted with the waxed and buffed look: it truly makes each room ‘pop.’ Joshua has the unique ability to push you out of your comfort zone and convince you to take bold leaps in design. His mission both in work and life really resonated with me: treating others the way he himself wants to be treated. He shows a great concern for the environment while designing, and appreciates that it is in all of our best interest to focus on sustainable building. We all share this Earth together, as it is our ultimate home.

All in all, I highly recommend Joshua and J Weir Masterworks, and I welcome any prospective clients to visit my Joshua-designed homes.”

With much admiration for J Weir Masterworks,

Julie Ladner, Client of four projects, News Producer

“J Weir Masterworks, Inc. has handled a number of projects over the past eight years, both for my company MTI Capital, Inc. (a residential and commercial real­ estate investment company), and for me personally. They handled all the projects with the utmost integrity and helped us understand the full scope of the projects from the very beginning. Whether it’s project management, design, build or all three, JWMW can handle and deliver an extraordinary result. I look forward to working with them for many years to come!”

Luke McCarthy, Client of seven projects, CEO, Founder, MTI Capital Inc.

“Josh is a talented designer and craftsman with great attention to detail. The quality of the craftsmanship he offers is exceptional, with high expectations set for subcontractors employed. We were also impressed by his project management skills. He communicates clearly and uses open book financials. Josh obviously has a passion for his work.”

Paul Tromans, Client of two projects

“I have been a local realtor for almost 20 years, and there are times that I am looking for a quality resource like Joshua who can bring an incredible amount of value to the process of buying, selling and acquiring property for ownership, real estate portfolios or rentals. He truly understands the complete spectrum from raw dirt to a built project. His communication, forward thinking and experience are above the rest.”

Terri Davis, Colleague, Office Manager, Realtor, Cusick Realty

Architect Testimonials

“I’ve known Josh Weir for a long time, both as a co-worker and a friend. My first experience with Josh was in 2005 as a colleague at ShubinDonaldson Architects. He was one of our staff designers and was always fully engaged in the design conversation in addition to adding an interest and knowledge in how things can be built. This early experience allows Josh to bring a unique skill set to the construction site. He thinks like an architect and is able to solve problems like a builder. He comes to the table with solutions that are both in the interest of design intent and the best interest of the client.

We recently introduced J Weir Masterworks, Inc. to one of our long-standing, higher profile clients, whom we’ve built many projects for. Josh knew the challenges and expectations going in, and he came out with the highest praise that I’ve heard this client give of a build team. In addition, he was on time and under budget.

It will be no surprise that we highly recommend Josh Weir and his team, assuming he’s not working on one of our projects already.”

Greg Griffin, Studio Director, Sr. Associate, Architect, ShubinDonaldson

“I have known Joshua for over 15 years. He has the qualities I look for and admire in a builder and a person: integrity, passion and humility. He is committed to his professional growth, the growth of his company and those around him.”

Robin Donaldson, Architect, AIA, Partner ShubinDonaldson

“It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Josh Weir and his team at J Weir Masterworks, Inc. to anyone taking on a building project here in the Central Coast and beyond. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Josh for several decades, and he and his team provide a well-managed process with impeccable focus on quality and craft. Josh’s leadership and attention to detail on all levels of project management, construction and client satisfaction are impressive. Josh and his team focus on serving the project by fostering a well-run team environment for all of the project key stakeholders. As an architect, I find builders like Josh invaluable. He brings the highest level of integrity and accountability to his client-focused building practice. In recent collaborations with Josh and his team, we have been impressed with his strength and focus around cost estimation, project budgeting and administration. Josh’s projects run smoothly, and he consistently keeps the client and all key stakeholders appropriately involved, coordinated and in communication. He maintains a strong attention to emerging building technology and keeps himself and his team up to date on current building trends, regulatory issues and organizational leadership systems. Josh consistently performs well under pressure, and he often over-delivers for his clients and team.

Apparently, Josh was born with a hammer in one hand and a pencil in the other. In my 20+ years practicing architecture and interior design, I have rarely had the pleasure of working with a more talented individual. Josh always understands “the big picture” because he studies the endless detail and coordination of disciplines that must be organized to create successful outcomes on a construction site. Josh brings architecture to life and builds with a passion and intensity that is truly impressive. Josh understands the designer’s mind, solves problems like an engineer, and builds with the goal of achieving true mastery. It is fitting that he has named his company J Weir Masterworks. Josh prizes mastery, and it shows up in the stunning details and materials deployed on his many signature projects.

Lastly, Josh is an extraordinary man. Josh walks a path with a certain clarity and confidence that I find admirable. Josh is always striving to reach the next level of leadership and responsibility, and brings a deeply committed level of care to family, friends, community, clients and colleagues. Josh values relationships, confidentiality, respect and reputation. Aside from providing an ‘old school’ work ethic and tireless energy to his work, Josh promotes a work environment for generosity, kindness, responsibility and fairness for all of his colleagues, constituents and friends. I love being around Josh! He has been a pleasure to share many endeavors and opportunities with through the years and attracts people with his same qualities. I find that his job sites are supported by staff, superintendents, consultants and subcontractors who value the right stuff and understand what it takes to have a great building come together with a legacy and lasting relationship a responsible builder and a deeply satisfied client.”

Josh Blumer, Architect, AIA, Co-Owner AB Design Studio, Inc.

“I have known Josh Weir since 2006, when he was hired to work as a project manager in my architecture firm. During his four and one-half year tenure with us, he exhibited great skills in architectural rendering and was diligent in his architectural design and documentation tasks.

One of Josh’s greatest abilities is organization. His diligent work process, tidiness and ability to keep track of all of the tasks required of the job are, in my experience, unmatched. After his time in our firm, Josh moved on to start his own construction business, a profession well-suited to his skills. The advantage that Josh has over most other construction firms is that he thinks and processes information as a designer so that every detail that is constructed, is first vetted for design integrity.
Josh has built several of our complicated projects to near perfection.”

David Ferrin, Architect, Owner, Arketype Architects, Inc.

Sub-Contractor Testimonial

“Working as a subcontractor for J Weir Masterworks has allowed me to see first-hand how well they handle client relationships and also create lasting associations with outstanding subcontractors.

Experience with both design and construction puts J Weir Masterworks in a unique position with the knowledge to see a project from design all the way through completion. He is the most organized general contractor I’ve worked with and excels at managing and coordinating all facets of the job. When an issue does arise, J Weir Masterworks has the expertise to quickly generate creative solutions for resolving the problem.

On a personal level, Josh Weir is charismatic and brings honesty, professionalism and excellent communication to every project he’s involved in. His passion shines through, ensuring that craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail is maintained in every aspect of the project.

Josh Weir and his team at J Weir Masterworks will surpass your expectations and prove themselves invaluable to your project.”

Paul Koslowsky, President, Santa Barbara Smarthomes, Inc.