How We build

As an award-winning boutique builder of sophisticated, challenging projects with uncommon materials, we spearhead our builds with incredibly detailed budgeting and realistic scheduling to humbly serve the client, architect and sub-contractors by honoring their voice as we facilitate open book financials. We strive to craft the client and architect’s vision with a hands-on team process.


Our early involvement in providing responses to the architect, structural engineer and consultants prove both value and benefit for the client’s goals. In pre-construction, we build a budget with our sub-contractor’s input to provide a detailed, line-itemized report, as well as potential detection of site complexities, general scheduling and product cost and performance comparisons. Often during this phase, we are also contracted to provide value engineering that leads to cost savings.

During Construction

Coming out of pre-construction with our extensive budget in place, we begin to sign up value-conscious sub-contractors. Our subs and consultants come from a pool of 35 vetted contractors that we have built relationships with over the past few decades. Being EPA certified, we install safety signage, security cameras and begin the “breaking ground” process in a smooth, controlled kick off with a project manager and project supervisor overseeing every decision. We offer weekly reports with photos and summaries of completed tasks and insight into the following week’s deliverables. Our procedures for managing budgets, schedule and meticulous details are all scrutinized from a lens to support the architecture and showcase the organized, value-built process the client is seeking.


As you transition into your home, we provide a maintenance plan with all warranties and guarantees for your home’s systems. This homeowner’s manual ensures to aid and accommodate the understanding of the new home and assures you are comfortable once you settle in. We will continue with estate management to support and tailor your home to perfection after move-in to provide years of enjoyment, long after the build is finished.