Design Build

As businesses grow, we often find that they naturally fall into the place they were meant to be. It was no different for J Weir Masterworks. The company was originally founded as a “bags-on” design-build firm. As JWMW grew into our niche, building for award-winning architects, we were intentional in preserving our roots in design by continuing in the heritage with design-build offerings. Founder of JWMW, Joshua, gained extensive high-level exposure to architecture, peaking with Shubin Donaldson Architects as a designer and illustrator and finishing with five years as a project manager for a modern architect in Ventura.

Our position—as the designer, builder or both—assures decisions are vetted with critical architectural values. That critical development has been exercised at the core of our firm over the decades. Through our experience, a thorough design-build process has been formed, tested and honed.

JWMW’s design-build services have proven valuable for past clients. We can create both time and financial savings for our clients with a packaged, designer-led build approach. We take a project from conceptual design with illustrations and rough budgeting, right into construction documentation, permitting and breaking ground for the build.

The early decisions during the design process guide the budget by protecting the client’s resources. The design studies and diagrams are priced and evaluated on their impact to the budget, schedule and client desires. The relationship that is established during design is then able to flow right into construction. During construction, solutions are made on the spot with no lag to progress, creating a faster, more efficient project completion. With a single point of contract, design vetted by fiscal effects, real-time budgeting and continued progress upon commencement of construction, the client is in the driver’s seat of a faster-moving, on-budget project.