PROJECT: Mid-Century House
Ventura, CA
DESIGNER: Joshua Weir, J Weir Masterworks, Inc.

SUMMARY: J Weir Masterworks takes pride in fostering return clients, and this is a project we are particularly proud of accomplishing. The design guidelines for this return client’s second home were strict: stay within the framework of the existing structure, capitalize on an authentic mid-century diagram, and do not exceed the resale value of the home. The client is an investor and well-versed in the process while keen to the pitfalls. The family is young, raising two girls, with passions in health and hospitality. The experience was to create an extroverted exterior that was fun and playful with an intervened interior—warm, with deep sensitivities to the senses. We brought in neighborhood-friendly garden boxes in the front yard to encourage community, while keeping the rear yard more private, adding a pizza oven, pool, and putting green. JWMW was poised to hide drainage while exposing fasteners to artistically display process. The master bath, east wing and outdoor spaces support the client’s simplistic human experience desired at the hillside residence, bringing together a touch of personality with clean, modern lines.